Emerging Young Adults

Not all kids are on the same path and some develop at different rates. This can be especially true for young adults with ADHD, HFA or other learning differences who may lag behind.

Are you concerned that your child might be stuck, uncertain of how to move forward? Not seeing the future for themselves that they once saw? Are they lacking the executive functions necessary for successful independent living?

Many emerging young adults with ADHD also struggle with isolation, shame, and low self-esteem, while feeling failure and disappointment about their current circumstances, making this a vulnerable stage of life for them.

Partnering with an experienced ADHD coach can help emerging young adult clients create forward momentum in all areas of their lives. Using a strength-based approach, clients learn to adopt a growth mindset that leads to seeing a future of possibilities for making lasting change.

Clients uncover their own unique strengths and use them to create structures, skills, and strategies that empower them to move forward in productive ways. Self-confidence and self-esteem blossom as clients begin to recognize their improved problem solving abilities and start to feel more in control.

Providing extra support for emerging young adult clients allows them to build meta-cognition across all areas of their lives and facilitates them to take ownership of their lives.

Benefits of coaching:

  • Develop life skills needed for independence
  • Better manage day to day tasks
  • Develop organizational systems for success (create a budget, pay bills, get to work on time & get work done on time)
  • Strengthen Executive Functions skills (planning, setting goals, prioritizing, impulsivity, procrastination, time management)
  • Reframe challenges into possibilities
  • Learn to use the ADHD lens to identify your unique brain wiring and patterns of behavior
  • Reduce stress and build resiliency
  • Develop good self-care routines for a balanced lifestyle that creates time for the things that are important to you