Family Coaching

Often when one or more family members are struggling with ADHD the entire family system is affected.

Because family members affect and influence each other, the coach may partner with parents to help them better support their ADHD child, teen, or young adult. Family coaching usually includes helping the ADHD client, and the whole family, to understand how ADHD manifests itself in various situations and how to create environments that foster family success.

Clients learn to look through the ADHD lens to better understand their unique brain wiring and create new awareness. With this new awareness, they are able to uncover strengths, discover their unique processing modalities, reframe limiting beliefs, and build on past successes to lead to future accomplishments. Family stress is greatly reduced as the client gains new skills, awareness, and confidence in their abilities.

Family coaching can take many different forms. It encompasses partnering with parents, teens, young adults, and adults in different combinations as needed to meet family and personal goals. The coach educates and supports the whole family, which may even include caregivers and grandparents. Together the coach and family members discuss expectations, goals, and the purpose for coaching.

What does the family you want look like? What are the goals? It may be that there is a separate agreement for each member of the family if there are different expectations and personal goals. Through family coaching, family members deepen their understanding of ADHD and come together in support of the ADHD client, each other, and the family as a whole.

Benefits of Coaching:

  • Reduce family stress
  • Create systems for an ADHD friendly environment
  • Set short term and long term goals that lead to daily success
  • Improve family communication and strengthen relationships
  • Learn collaborative problem-solving strategies to reduce conflict
  • Let go of negative stories and shift to celebrating positive change and growth
  • Gain a better understanding of how ADHD impacts both the family and the individual