Beth brings to her coaching the unique perspective of over 25 years of personal experience within her own family.

  Beth and her husband live in Oakton, Virginia, and have 3 young adult sons, two of whom have their own challenges with ADHD, ASD, LD, and other co-existing conditions. Beth understands the impact of ADHD across the lifespan as witnessed in her extended family, both young and old. This unique perspective allows Beth to help her clients look to the future and see that all things are possible.

Who am I?

ICF Certified Professional ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Beth Schell is an ICF-certified professional ADHD and Executive Function coach who specializes in working with young people, adults, and families struggling with ADHD, Executive Function Disorder, Learning Disabilities, and other co-existing conditions.  She is passionate about helping people impacted by ADHD achieve the success they desire by working together to identify their goals, develop action plans, increase motivation, and implement strategies to achieve those goals.

Beth provides support, education, and accountability which empower her clients to make a transformative change and achieve success in all areas of their lives. Her expertise, intuitiveness, and focused non-judgmental attention, along with a sense of humor, make her clients feel at ease and understood.

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ADHD Coaching

Beth is a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute where she completed her life coach training.

Beth is also a graduate of JST Coaching and Training which is the premier student and ADHD coach training program worldwide. Beth is certified to work with children, teens, and college students. She is also a certified Parent-to-Parent (“P2P”) trainer/educator for CHADD. With advanced education and training through ADDCA, Beth has additional expertise in the neurobiology of the ADHD brain and is able to help her clients achieve greater clarity about their unique brain wiring when looking through the ADHD Lens. In addition to her coach training, Beth earned a BA degree from Salem College and is a professional member of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), ACO (ADHD Coach Organization), JST Coach Training, ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy), as well as, ICF (The International Coach Federation).