High School Coaching

For the mature high school student who is ready to make lasting change, ADHD coaching might be the missing piece.

The coaching process helps students uncover and become aware of their own strengths and challenges. The coaching partnership offers support, structure, and accountability that helps students move forward as they try out new strategies and gain new skills. We will plan and implement systems that will keep you on track, reduce stress, and put you in control. Check-ins between weekly sessions, via text, allow the coach and client to monitor ongoing progress and brainstorm any obstacles or problems that may come up.

High School Student with ADHD

Benefits of Coaching

  • Discover strengths and talents that you may not realize you have
  • Improve ability to organize, plan, and prioritize tasks
  • Identify new ways to increase motivation, get into action, and complete tasks
  • Improve time management skills
  • Develop systems for calendaring and tracking assignments so that there are no missing or late assignments
  • Create an action plan for success during weekly meetings and break down tasks into manageable chunks
  • Learn how to look through the ADHD lens and understand your unique brain wiring
  • Reduced family stress as the client gains new skills and confidence, and is better able to stay on top of things