Adulting with ADHD

Adulting with ADHD can be exhausting and challenging. Often, when adults are considering an ADHD coach it is because they are seeking change but do not know how to create it and sustain it.

Beth ADHD Coaching

Family Coaching

Often when one or more family members are struggling with ADHD the entire family system is affected. Because family members affect and influence each other, the coach may partner with parents to help them better support their ADHD child, teen, or young adult.

Emerging Young Adults

Not all kids are on the same path and some develop at different rates. This can be especially true for young adults with ADHD, HFA or other learning differences who may lag behind. Are you concerned that your child might be stuck, uncertain of how to move forward?

College Student Coaching

College can be a difficult transition for any student and can be especially challenging for students with ADHD. Many are away from home for the first time and away from the structures that helped them be successful in high school.

High School Success Coaching

For the mature high school student who is ready to make lasting change, ADHD coaching might be the missing piece. The coaching process helps students uncover and become aware of their own strengths and challenges.